Seminars and Courses

Meeting the needs of our staff and the local church, to be life-long learners.

Throughout the year YWAM Nampula facilitates short term (up to 3 week) training seminars, courses or conferences with the aim to train and equip both missionary staff and church attending Christians based locally, nationally or internationally.

Please contact us should you with to attend an upcoming event or if  you wish to be a trainer to missionaries or local Christians.

YWAM Nampula is an ideal location for such events.

Evangelism Training Conference for Church Leaders. 

August 2022

The event had originally been planned for 50 participants, but the number grew to 120 people, representing 47 different congregations, mostly in the north of Mozambique.

The Lord brought 2 gifted speakers/trainers from Tanzania.  One brother, Pastor Daniel, has dedicated the last 20 years of his life observing and formulating maximised responses to the challenges and questions raised when presenting the Gosple to others.  Do you know how satisfying it is to sit under the teaching of an expert passionate in his field?  The participants found it hard to break for meals or to finish the sessions in the evenings — there was always one more question to ask the teachers. 

The Lord renewed a passion and confidence in the hearts of the participants as they returned home with manuels and materials, to train others to engage neighbors and friends in Christ-centred conversations.  Lord-willing, this will not be the last training that we have with Pastor Daniel

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