Seminars and Courses

Meeting the needs of our staff and the local church, to be life-long learners.

Throughout the year YWAM Nampula facilitates short term (up to 3 week) training seminars, courses or conferences with the aim to train and equip both missionary staff and church attending Christians based locally, nationally or internationally.

Please contact us should you with to attend an upcoming event or if you sense you wish to be a trainer to missionaries or local Christians. YWAM Nampula is an ideal location as a gathering location for such events.

Previous Events


Mini Discipleship Training School

Community Health Evangelism Course

Mens Discipleship Seminar

Evangelism Training

Pre-School Teacher Training


Savings Group Training

Strategic Planning Seminar


Community Development Seminar


Literacy Training Seminar

Women’s Conference

Savings Group Training

Stategic Developement Seminar


Missionary Fundraising Seminar

Literacy Training Seminar
Strategic Developement Seminar


Church Planting Seminar with Inductive Bible Study method training.