Literacy Training

Literacy is, the means through which every man, woman and child can realize his or her full potential.

Kofi Annan

In 2018, five of our staff received a week of training in literacy teaching with a program called Alfalit.

On 25th of February 2019 we ran our first course. About 25 women from the community came to sign up for the classes which ran 3 times a week.
After a year of classes the participants were eligible to take a 5th grade class exam offered by the government. Those that passed received the equivalent of a 5th grade certificate! This is quite an achievement for women who have been illiterate their whole lives!

The program was repeated in 2020. One new member was tired of going to the bank ATM and always having to rely on someone else to read her balance and withdraw her money for her. So she is comes to learn how to read it for herself!

In November 2021, a of 18 women graduated from our 3rd women’s literacy course.  It was special to celebrate their achievements.  The ladies in the 2nd year course were given their own Bibles to read upon graduation.

The 4th year of this program began in February 2022. Our staff group has grown from being 2 teachers to a team of 10 women involved not only as teachers, but also as mentors too. Each Wednesdays, instead of normal literacy classes, we teach a Knowing God course with small group sharing and prayer time afterwards.