Community Center

The place where ministry focus and community needs intergrate

Here in YWAM Nampula, we have two passions: to reach all people with the practical and spiritual love of God and to see the lives of Christian believers deepened through mentoring and training. Over the years we found it counter-productive to use the same location for programs in both of these area despite that one fed into the other once they bore fruit in the hearts of people.
During prayerful consideration to this matter, the dream arose of having a community center: a place where we could meet with the community, whether it be with a Christian preschool,  literacy classes, sports ministry or any other community outreach activity.
By God’s grace, we received a special donation given specifically for purchasing land for a Community Center. Towards the end of 2018 the Lord led us to a plot of land that is about 2 acres and only 1 mile from our current training base!

Our vision is to see the Community Centre grow in any direction that would meet a felt need expressed by the communities we serve.