Our Staff Team

YWAM is called to function in teams in all aspects of ministry and leadership. We believe that a combination of complementary gifts, callings, perspectives, ministries and generations working together in unity at all levels of our Mission provides wisdom and safety.

2015 Our Pioneering Team

Read more about how we got started here.







Our 2022 our staff team photograph was taken without the 25 children of the 32 adults in full time voluntary service with YWAM Nampula. 

Some serve on the training base, others in ministry, some at the community centre and there are teams working in the *districts. We meet regularly as a combined team for communication, prayer and worship. 

  •  These are the 2 families working on establishing a Disciple Making Movement on the coast, among the Marevone people in Moma District.  Praise God they already have 2 small discipleship groups going.  Pray for them to grow in their unity as a team and for the new believers to grow in knowledge and love for the Lord Jesus.  We hope to receive one of the new believer families in our DTS in 2022, so they might return to Moma able to train others too. 

If you feel called to join our staff team, contact us and we will send you an application form. As with all YWAM staff, it is required that you complete a fully accredited Discipleship Training School (DTS) beforehand.

YWAM is called to a relationship-based support system, depending upon God and His people for financial provision, both corporately and individually.