Our staff team

      Victor and Lori Selemani and Family                                               


     Cesar and Fina Nkuti and family


            Evelyn Katutula and Family
         Twaibo and Maimuna  Aube and family                           

Madalena Jone and family

                Pedro and Laura and family


Makucha (Hermann)  and Lucia ( nee Alutha) and family

Rachide Maneia

Natanael Cornelio

Salima Aroni

Anita Francisco

Is this space for you?

We have a variety of ministries for you to serve in, others waiting to be developed.
  • An equipped carpentry shop waiting to be turned into a skills training centre
  • Community development opportunites all around the property and in the region
  • Staff training and pastoral care
  • Administration, management and accounting systems needing constant attention






             Madalena Jone and family

In Memory of Mendes

In 2016, less than a year after joining the ministry, Mendes died due complications from an injury incurred during an accident on public transport. We will always remember him as a wonderful father, friend and fellow missionary. 

Madalena continues to serve at the centre in Nampula as she and Mendes had decided before his sudden and unexpected death.