Joseph Ministry

Offering peace to those who fled in fear

This is our ministry to the refugees and *IDPs that come to our region. At first, they came from countries north of Mozambique but more recently from the conflict within its borders in the provinces of Pemba and Niassa.

In 2022 we began helping several families build permanent homes — a big necessity after cyclones come through and destroy the makeshift homes they had built.  The food distribution also continues to 200 families — this is particularly essential during what is considered the hunger season (November – March) when the previous year’s crops have been consumed and the next crops are not yet ready for harvest.

Half a dozen displaced peoples have asked to be baptized. This ceremony as well as any future discipleship and pastoral care will be coordinated with a local congregation with whom we have an ongoing relationship. Two groups of ladies also requested our literacy teachers to come train them in literacy.